Auberge Godefroy

A regional pride

A regional pride

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Auberge Godefroy

History started way before the idea of having a luxury hotel in the region. André Parent, Léon Bouvet and Marcel Descôteaux imagined major projects to complete a commercial and residential area in the Saint-Grégoire sector. In fact, we owe the creation of the golf course and high-end residential areas to these three personalities known in the business community.

The following phase was to provide the city with a first class hotel étbalissement, able to contribute to regional developement. Although the idea seemed far-fetched to some, it soon keenly interested a fourth partner, Guy Boisclair, who joined with solid experience in the hotel business. Five other people were associated to the project. Together, they helped give birth to the Auberge Godefroy, distinguished by the exceptional quality of its construction, noble materials and the refinement of its functional design. 

On April 12th, 1990, the Auberge Godefroy started a promising successful career du to an excellent handpicked team, an imposing structure, sophisticated services, delicate attentions and its own quality of an exclusive resort near an urban center. 

Today, Auberge Godefroy count eight shareholders: Francine Héon, Solange Rouleau, Guy Boisclair, Luc Bouvet, Jocelyne Hébert, Claude Héon and since January 2014, Marie-Ève Boisclair and Frédéric Boisclair. All from here, everyone remains involved both professionally and socially in the area. 

Auberge Godefroy's success provides great pride and confirms the accuracy of a good decision made by visionary developers who have always demanded the highest standards of excellence.